Katharina Mayern tanzt vor Publikum auf dem Kocherlball

Working and holidaying – Bavarian style

The right location and an authentic environment are important factors for the success of business events and functions. Just as important is the corresponding social programme, which ensures that participants feel good and can recharge their batteries. How convenient then that Bavaria can offer both. Outside of the business talk and tight schedules, Bavaria offers numerous activities and highlights throughout the city, countryside, mountains and by the water. Whether relaxing or exciting. That’s up to you.
Let our local insiders introduce you to the real Bavarian way of life and experience Bavaria in all its variety. Does it almost sound like Bavaria is worth more than a business trip? Then why not add on a few days of holiday? Relax away from congress centres, conferences and trade fairs and get to know the region and its people. Goodbye and see you soon!

Discover Bavaria in all its variety

Mountains, lakes and sightseeing. Whether it’s culture, nature, rejuvenation or adventure, Bavaria offers a wide array of experiences. In Bavaria, impressive mountain scenery, crystal-clear lakes and vibrant cities such as Munich and Nuremberg await you. And the Free State also has plenty to offer in terms of event catering. Mass Bier (large mug of beer) and Brezn(pretzels), Obazda (Bavarian cheese spread) and Weisswurst (white sausage) or Haxn (roasted pork knuckle) and Auszogne (Bavarian pastry) – in Bavaria you won’t just expand your culinary horizons, but also your vocabulary. With that said, An Guadn (the Bavarian way to say “Enjoy your meal”)!

Urlaub in Bayerns Städten

In the city

Nowhere else in Bavaria do history and culture, tradition and innovation come together as vividly as in the cities. Whether in Munich, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Regensburg, Bamberg, Kempten or Augsburg, you can expect plenty of Bavarian cosiness in addition to exciting cultural attractions, culinary highlights and historical sights. But it’s not just the big cities; even our small towns are full of surprises and a diverse range of offerings. Discover magnificent castles, Roman treasure and vineyards – and do it comfortably by bus and train. Welcome to the city!

Landurlaub in Bayern

To the countryside

Nothing is more relaxing after an intense business event than the tranquillity of nature. Unwind with mountain yoga, feel the touch of wood, clay and stone on one of the numerous barefoot trails or enjoy a combination of nature and culinary delights on a hut tour. And those who crave a bit more adrenaline can, for example, hop on a racing bike in the Haßberge Nature Park, the Bavarian gravel bike paradise. The perfect blend of outdoor activities, adventure and relaxation awaits you. Welcome to the green outdoors!

Bergurlaub in Bayern

Into the mountains

Sometimes you have to get up high to come back down. Whether in summer or winter, the joy of reaching the summit can be experienced in Bavaria in every season. Whether it’s an enjoyable hike, a panoramic mountain tour or a snowshoe tour – one thing is certain: the view at lofty altitudes helps you forget all stress. And if you need to recharge your batteries, on an e-mountain bike tour, you can relax and listen to the gentle babbling of the mountain stream, offering a serene getaway. And best of all: the numerous stops for refreshments also turn your day trip into the mountains into a culinary delight.

Flusswandern mit Kayak auf der Naab

On the water

Off to the Bavarian whirlpools. Yea, you heard right. But in the end, it’s not about understanding but experiencing. A refreshing swim in the cool whirlpools (Gumpen), SUP yoga on the sparkling surface of the lake, or exploring with a raft, inflatable boat, canoe or kayak on the Isar, Danube, and more – water enthusiasts get their money’s worth in Bavaria. Whether it’s a cosy house by the lake, a thrilling river adventure or a sporty Lake Chiemsee bike tour, there’s something for everyone. 

Workation in Bavarian

First business, then vacation – Bavaria truly lives up to the concept of the workation. With a modern infrastructure, rustic mountain huts, conference hotels in the countryside, creative coworking spaces by the lake and experiential gastronomy that delights all lovers of regional delicacies, Bavaria brings everything together for successful work and equally successful relaxation. It’s perfect for your work-life balance!

Combine work and leisure and reap double the benefits. Whether in the city, in the countryside, in the mountains or by the water, one thing is definitely certain: in Bavaria you will find the ideal place for inspiration, motivation and relaxation in equal measure. In other words, workation in Bavarian.

Meet the locals: Discover Bavaria with our Bavarian insiders

Found all throughout the Free State: creative, forward-looking free spirits who are deeply rooted in Bavarian tradition. As hop ambassadors, dance masters, musicians, designers, winemakers or restaurateurs, they make Bavaria something to be experienced and felt beyond clichés, happily sharing with their guests the best ways to experience their beautiful homeland. Explore all ambassador stories at a glance.

Jockls Passion: Wissen erfahren, neue Geschmäcker entdecken und Menschen begeistern

Michelin-starred Chef Jockl Kaiser

Jockl Kaiser combines regional classics with gourmet cuisine and sustainability in “Meyers Keller”. His Culatello Riserva delights gourmets.

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Xaver's: Das Geschwister-Trio Portenlänger

Xaver’s Gastro Trio

Jakob, Theresa and Xaver Portenlänger run the inn “Xaver’s” in the heart of Munich. The restaurant is like a living room, as hearty as it is stylish.

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Der Snow White Gin will gut verkostet sein

The crew of “Snow White Gin”

Four young distillers from Lohr am Main use ingredients from the local forest to whip up their excellent “Snow White Gin”.

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Mit Elisabeth Stiglmaier die Kulturlandschaft Hallertau hautnah erleben

Hop Ambassador Elisabeth Stiglmaier

The hop ambassador from the Hallertau region introduces guests to the secrets of Bavaria’s green gold at her hop experience farm.

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Florian Blickenberger: Der Goldschmied bei der Anfertigung eines Kreuzes

Jewellery Designer Florian Blickenberger

Jewellery designer Florian is continuing an old tradition. He finds inspiration for his work in his hometown between Lake Simssee and Lake Chiemsee.

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Silvia Beyer: Bei Pfronten betreibt sie die erste vegetarische Berghütte in den Alpen

Innkeeper Silvia Beyer

The menu at the “Hündeleskopfhütte” near Pfronten in the Allgäu region features cheese spaetzle and vegan courgette lasagne instead of schnitzel, sausage and bacon platter.

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Die Fexer: Das Trio vor den begeisterten Zuschauer am Blasius-Festival

“Die Fexer” Brass Band

The probably smallest brass band in the world rearranges modern and traditional music and brings their audience to cheer. From polka to waltz to rock classics.

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Franziska Bischof: Edelbrandsommelière

Paragon or Rascal?

Franziska Bischof is a fine spirit sommelier and “Female Distiller of the Year 2018”. She runs Germany’s only distillery bar.

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Katharina Mayer ist Tanzmeisterin aus Leidenschaft für den bayerischen Volkstanz

Dance Master Katharina Mayer

Dance master Katharina Mayer passionately embodies her love for Bavarian dance, including at Munich’s biggest open-air dance event, the Kocherlball.

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Rapper RiA Reiser amidst the hop fields of the Holledau region

Rapper RiA Reiser

RiA Reiser began her career as a yodelling queen, then reinvented herself and is currently popularising the Lower Bavarian dialect as the rapper RiA.

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