Mit dem Rollstuhl durchs Trettachtal nach Spielmannsau

Nature, space, peace and inspiration. Tradition and modernity. With NEUE HÖFE, three places have been created that facilitate genuine encounters and allow creative ideas to flow.

New Work in a rural setting

Working in the midst of greenery, using the latest technology. Be creative during the day, celebrate in the evening in a relaxed and natural setting. Learn new things, rediscover old ones.

You don't really see the world if you only look through your own window.

What sounds like a fantastically productive situation is what the pioneers of the New Work concept in Germany, Sabine Sauber and Michael O. Schmutzer, have turned into reality with NEUE HÖFE. The three places of experience in the idyllic Neuhof an der Zenn form a bridge between city and countryside and are thus ideal locations for new work, workshops, meetings, coworking and special celebrations.

"You don't really see the world if you only look through your own window," goes a well-known saying, or put another way and related to everyday office life: a change of perspective can work wonders in terms of inspiration and new ideas. Sabine Sauber knows this well from the guests who visit one of the special NEUE HÖFE workplaces as part of a workshop, seminar or lecture. The people here, in the rural triangle between Nuremberg, Würzburg and Ansbach, virtually "blossom", and this naturally has a positive effect on their creativity, because: "Positive experiences make you think further."

In the beginning was the meadow orchard

Innovative developments often begin in the contemplative, and this was also the case with NEUE HÖFE: At the very beginning of the story is a meadow orchard in Neuselingsbach, a village with just under 80 inhabitants, about 20 kilometres from Nuremberg. The grandmother of Sabine Sauber and Michael O. Schmutzer bought this meadow after the Second World War and created a unique childhood refuge for the two siblings. The memory of the meadow and the annual apple harvests remained, as did the inner bond with Neuselingsbach. But some time went by before the small town, which belongs to the municipality of Neuhof an der Zenn, would once again play a decisive role in the (professional) lives of Sauber and Schmutzer.

Pioneering New Work and Coworking

For now, the two Fürth natives moved out into the world for study and work, becoming pioneers of the New Work concept in Germany. In 2009, Michael O. Schmutzer founded Design Offices, which became the German market leader for corporate coworking with more than 40 locations. Sabine Sauber, an expert in marketing and communication, supported her brother in setting up the company. In 2015, Neuselingsbach finally came into play again. The Hammerhof there, formerly an inn and post office, was up for sale.

Neuselingsbach rethought: The potential of rural areas

Schmutzer took action and also moved his centre of life back to the site of the meadow orchard, which was still family property at the time. At the Hammerhof, which was often used for brainstorming from then on, Sauber and Schmutzer soon recognised the potential and flair of the building, and of the rural area in general. Because nature, tranquillity and fresh air on the one hand and modern infrastructure necessary for creative work on the other do not exist in this combination. In 2019, the two therefore acquired two more houses in Neuhof an der Zenn: the Schwarzer Adler inn and Gutshof 9. In 2020, they founded NEUE HÖFE GmbH.

Working, living and celebrating in a new mode

Each house has been designed individually, with a great deal of sensitivity for the existing buildings and the courage to create new designs. Embedded in the idyllic landscape of the "Franconian Tuscany", half an hour west of Nuremberg, three special places to work and real spaces to move have been created.

In "Gutshof 9" on the market square, for example, once a farm, now a New Work campus, creaking stairs lead to six studios that can be rented on a monthly basis and are ideal surroundings for creative work. Amidst the successful combination of traditional furnishings, modern style and the latest technology, such as flexible moderation boards or 55-inch flat screens, it's a great place to make plans, prepare presentations and even spend several nights.

For those who prefer to open their laptops outdoors, the meadow in front of the Farms is the best place to be. Grey beanbags, a converted greenhouse with Vitra design chairs and cut-open containers await guests there. The large "Macherscheune" is, as at the Hammerhof, the heart of the campus and, with its sandblasted half-timbering, cement floor and mint-green design chairs, perfectly suited for workshops and presentations.

The best place to celebrate is in the ballroom of the "Schwarzer Adler". A classic ambience, atmospheric lighting, innovative technology and a large stage make every event there unforgettable.

And if more accommodation is needed for an event, the "Hotel Riesengebirge" is available just opposite.

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