Research and Education

In Bavaria, we are well aware that there can be no progress without education and research! That is why outstanding colleges and universities as well as a large number of internationally renowned research institutions are located here.

Research and Education

Bavaria is enthusiastically shaping the future. And this has been the case for quite some time: whether it’s X-ray machines or chip cards, screw-in studs for football cleats and smart TVs, many of the things that are now an integral part of our everyday lives were once “traditionally different” Bavarian innovations. We owe these to the universities, research facilities, companies and institutes located here.

In Bavaria, we have known for a long time that there can be no progress without education and research! That is why the Free State, with the highest educational budget in Europe, promotes the development of future technologies, continuously expands university research and fosters connections between local research institutes and young talent.

This has paid off, as future industries such as aerospace, medical, nano and information technology have found optimal location conditions in Bavaria, thanks to the above-average level of education among the workforce. From basic research to practical application, in Bavaria students, researchers and companies work successfully side by side.


Bavaria has straight A’s in research and teaching: ten state universities, 17 state colleges of applied science and numerous private institutes currently train around 330,000 qualified professionals in Bavaria – and regularly occupy top positions in international comparisons.

The training and research programmes offered by Bavaria’s higher education institutions reflect the great diversity of Bavarian industries. For companies, this means interesting opportunities for cooperation and an uncomplicated transfer of knowledge between research and application in the company.

Scientific competence centres and innovation parks

Consolidating research, putting knowledge to the test in practical applications, and developing new products are accomplishments taking place successfully in Bavaria’s competence centres. The Competence Centre for Nutrition (KErn), for example, bundles knowledge from public and private research institutions on the topic of nutrition and thereby supports the food industry. The Competence Centre for New Materials in Northern Bavaria works on material science issues and develops marketable products and processes.

At the AUGSBURG Innovation Park, in turn, companies network with experts, suppliers, service providers and young professionals from science and industry to develop tomorrow’s technologies together.

You too can benefit from Bavaria’s competence networks for your event!

Research facilities and institutes

Whatever you are researching, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in Bavaria. For this is where some of the most renowned and globally respected research institutions are located: the Max Planck Society, the Fraunhofer Society, the Leibniz Association or the Zentrum Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (Aerospace Centre).

These institutes and many more represent Bavaria's driving forces for basic research in the natural sciences, biosciences, humanities and social sciences; they conduct research into human health and the environment or support companies by providing infrastructure for science and research, imparting knowledge and advising. Your industry event will also benefit from this concentrated research prowess!

More about Bavaria's industrial diversity

Bavaria leads the way in many sectors. From health and life sciences to IT and financial services - find out where to find the concentrated industry expertise and the big players in the market.

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Health and Life Sciences

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Energy and Environment

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