MICE-Expertentalk Peter Kammerer - IHK München Oberbayern
Peter Kammerer

As Deputy Chief Executive of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Peter Kammerer is in constant, direct contact with the Bavarian business community. For many years he has contributed his expertise to various committees such as the Tourism Committee of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce. The networking of companies, research institutions and universities as well as the strengthening of Bavaria's MICE sector are of particular concern to him.

In conversation with Peter Kammerer

We asked Peter Kammerer about the strengths of Bavaria as a MICE location, how it compares nationally and internationally and how the Bavarian MICE industry can use the pandemic as an opportunity.


The Bavarian MICE scene will come out of the pandemic stronger through innovation.

Bavaria as a business location

What distinguishes Bavaria as a business location?

Bavaria has a broad, diverse mix of sectors, we have modern industries, high value creation and a strong export orientation. We are also a leading international location for research and innovation. That's why Bavaria is also attractive for skilled workers, who are the key to a future-oriented economy and society. Geographically, Bavaria is centrally located in Europe and forms the interface between North and South. Moreover, the Bavarian brand itself is internationally renowned, with a combination of tradition and modernity as well as quality and success.

Bavaria's top sectors

Which sectors are particularly well represented in Bavaria?

Everything to do with mobility, such as the automotive industry and rail transport and rail vehicles, but also mechanical engineering. Bavaria is also a leader in electrical engineering, electronics and medical technology. Furthermore, Bavaria, and especially Munich, is a strong IT location. And if you look at Upper Bavaria, the food industry and the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors also play an important role.

Bavaria as a MICE location

What are Bavaria's advantages as a MICE location in a national and international comparison?

On the one hand, networking and the exchange of knowledge between start-ups and long-established companies have a tradition in Bavaria. Particularly noteworthy is the network of universities and research institutions such as the universities of excellence LMU and TUM, but also the institutes of the Max Planck and Fraunhofer Societies. Incidentally, both research organisations also have their headquarters in Munich. These are drivers for innovative exchange and this also stimulates the MICE industry.

There are few MICE locations that have such a scenic diversity as Bavaria.

On the other hand, people want to experience something. Bavaria has all the necessary prerequisites for this. We have functioning city centres, great event locations and there is the basic infrastructure in terms of accommodation and gastronomy. Our innovative players have the right spirit and everything is integrated by typical Bavarian ambience. There are few MICE locations that have such a variety of landscapes as Bavaria. From mountain scenery, to lakes and forests, to attractive cities. I believe that we are well positioned for the new start of the MICE scene.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria is a co-initiator of Bits & Pretzels, Europe's leading event for the start-up scene. What idea did you pursue with it?

In the beginning, we supported Bits & Pretzels because the IHK sees itself as an economic development institution and networks and exchange within the industry are very important to us. Once Bits & Pretzels had established itself, we withdrew, because the market, the start-ups and the investors can now do it on their own.

We see ourselves as an impulse generator and have already intensively accompanied the emergence of networks between start-ups and investors many years ago, when hardly anyone did that. In this way, we are practically securing the future by helping to ensure that new business models, ideas and synergies continue to emerge.

MICE-Expertentalk Peter Kammerer - IHK München Oberbayern
MICE-Expertentalk Peter Kammerer - IHK München Oberbayern

A look into the future

What impact will the pandemic have on the MICE sector?

I believe that business travel will gain in importance again after the pandemic. Above all, I also see positive impulses resulting from the current situation: Business models will be rethought, new things will emerge, there will be a surge in innovation. Hotel chains, airlines, tourism service providers, but also the fair operators themselves will create new offers.

When the travel restrictions are over, a new balance between analogue and digital will emerge. There will be a new combination of offers and formats as well as digital and analogue networking and exchange. In this area, too, Bavaria brings the necessary framework conditions, which is why I am sure that the Bavarian MICE sector will reinvent itself after the crisis and provide new ideas for customers.

What areas should Bavaria pay special attention to in the future in order to continue to distinguish itself as a top MICE location?

Of course, we have to make sure that we always keep all MICE locations in Bavaria modern and up to date, which means regular investments. We have to expand the mobility infrastructure because mobility is an important key for functioning MICE locations. We need to invest the most in the topic of functioning, sustainable, climate-neutral mobility that is modern, innovative and delivers high quality.

We also need to constantly develop the Bavarian brand because other locations are investing heavily in this area. An emotional appeal to potential MICE customers combined with history and stories from Bavaria, this is how we can set ourselves apart from the competition, both nationally and internationally.

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Bavaria as a holiday and recreation destination

What do you do in Bavaria when you want to relax?

A wine tour by bike through Franconia is simply something brilliantly beautiful.

But I can also recommend visiting Bavarian cities, for example Regensburg, Bamberg or Passau, to everyone. These are beautiful places that offer so much fascinating history and lifestyle.  

I also appreciate the Bavarian Forest. My daughters went horseback riding there and I went golfing.

One more tip for Munich: Take part in a historical themed city tour. You can learn a lot of surprising and new things about the city, even as a local.

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